VERSES MC Presents “FACEOFF” Single Elimination Rap Battle


November 3rd, 2015

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Skillz vs Nitty G
Judge: Bobby FKN White
Vote: Skillz
This decision was hard to make. Both rappers came strong and hard for the final round. Although Nitty G came with the schemes and had some very strong bars, Skillz brought heavy punches and just overall had more consistent bars and energy.

ROUND 1 – Battle 1
Dadkhah vs SOS
My Vote: SOS
SOS had a better sense of battling. He took it more seriously and acted more professional. Dadkhah may have earned some points for originality however he may have took it too far with the singing and random non battle bars.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 2
Droop vs Marco
My Vote: Macro
Droop’s rhymes were not interesting enough to hold attention and his delivery was not consistent enough to connect each of the bars. Marco had
a better delivery and a more believable flow.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 3
Strayfire vs Skillz
My Vote: SKillz
Definitely one of the harder ones to judge. Both MCs had good bars and energy. Strayfire had more bars and wordplay but was a little looser with the words compared to Skillz. Skillz voice and bars were rawer and his delivery was more confident.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 4
Badnews vs Bobby Bangerz
My Vote: Bobby Bangerz
It appears both rappers did their research on each other for this one. Badnewz started off strong but towards the end sounded and looked like he
was reading the words from his phone causing his raps to lack flow. Overall Bobby Bangerz had more energy word play.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 5
Louniverse vs Ricky Dee
My Vote: Louniverse
Louniverse came with stronger bars and more of them. Even more importantly was how he transitions the topics/subjects of his bars and the duration of
it. Ricky had some good lines but just not enough when against Louniverse.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 6
GTRU vs Nitty G
My Vote: GTRU
GTRU has a smooth voice with an aggressive battle flow full of raw bars. I’m assuming he was listening to a beat in the ear phone. If so that could be considered an advantage that almost all of the other MCs didn’t have. There is no rule against that so I cannot hold that against him. Nitty G had brought an abstract flow that borderline story telling at some points which I enjoyed listening to. There were a few times I had a hard time following Nitty G’s punchlines even after watching the video a few times. Hard decision but I vote for GTRU.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 7
4Fifth vs TMITCH
4Fifth brought some good punchlines and relevant culture references but TMITCH was more on point as far as timing and appeared to have his bars
better memorized. Overall TMITCH’s bars came faster, heavier and more prepared.
-view the battle here:

ROUND 1 – Battle 8
CVS vs AD4
My Vote: AD4
CVS had a few moments in his rap where it seemed unnatural or almost forced out of him. It also looks like he had an ear bud in which could explain these actions. AD4 has a very smooth flow with strong word play. Compared to CVS he has more confidence with his flow. Not to mention more “targeted” raps that were specific to his opponent.
-view the battle here:

SOS vs Oddz
My Vote: Oddz
Check back soon to find out why I chose Odz.

Week 2 Quarter Finals
Skillz vs Bobby Bangerz
My Vote: Skillz
Check back soon to find out why I chose Skillz

Week 2 Quarter Finals
Louniverse vs Nitty G
My Vote: Nitty G
Check back soon to find out why I chose Nitty G

Week 2 Quarter Finals
Check back soon to find out why I chose TMITCH

Week 2 Quarter Finals
Oddzmaker vs Droop
My Vote: Droop
Check back soon to find out why I chose Droop

Nitty G vs TMITCH
My Vote: Nitty G

Droop vs Skillz
My Vote: Skillz

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  1. Fifth says:

    Very consice n detailed breakdown of ur decisions. Thanks to u n relik for being involved. Salute lush, n Undeniable as well. Respect to yall fuckers

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