Q&A w/ Osker Yankee feat. “Mugzy” (Rapper)

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February 12th, 2019

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“Q & A w/ Osker Yankee”

001: Mugzy (Rapper)

Who is MUGZY!? –

Born on the 22nd of January 1991 Mugzy had to fight through his adolescent years. Struggling with deep internal stress, he found inspiration in Eminem after his first encounter with Hip-Hop when he heard the song ‘The Way I Am’. Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem’s songs & began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop culture.
As he developed his style and studied Hip-Hop, he found further inspiration from the legends: 2 Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, DMX, & searched further into the roots of Hip-Hop to re-discover artists like Public Enemy, NWA & Nas. Drawing inspiration from the masters of Hip-Hop & armed with the knowledge earned through years of hardship, Mugzy’s rap speaks of truth. A raw truth. A truth that will resound with teenagers that have had to endure self doubt & lack of confidence.
Mugzy emerged from the shadow through Hip-Hop & found a way to express himself through his music by embracing the culture.
Mugzy’s style is a blend of grit, raw lyrics, aggression and abrasiveness. Mugzy will tell it how it is. 
Based north of Sydney, Mugzy will not shy away from any challenge to perform on any stage.
There are a lot of performers in the scene that prefer to stay in closed groups, but Mugzy is open to collaboration with all artists that are fighting for their dream & are willing to have a go in a spirit of mutual respect. You can expect Mugzy to continue representing the Hip-Hop Culture, never backing away from any challenge well into the future.


Q: What was the first Hip Hop/Rap album you owned?

A: 50 Cent’s 2003 Get Rich Or Die Tryin Every song on that joint was FIRE i still reckon it’s one of the BEST Hip Hop Albums even to this day

Q: Has your race or nationality effected how others perceive your music?

A: I think its the fact being “white/Caucasian” doing hip-hop in general Yes we all know hip-hop was a “African American Black domain” art form starting off in the 70s of South Bronx (Birth Place 1520 Sedgwick Avenue) But as time has evolved and hip-hop has become so universal WORLDWIDE. Why do whites still have a bad rep when it comes to doing hip hop? (Even in 2019) Yes i know we have suburban “wiggers” which in my opinion gives an extremely bad rap/character to when Caucasians want to make hip hop music WHO DO TAKE THIS CULTURE SERIOUS because as a society they instant label us with that buffoonery Plus majority should really do their homework on a white artist before judging someone (Like myself) who i myself DO LOVE this culture to DEATH. We put Eminem on such a pedestal like “He is the only WHITE artist that gets a pass” But have you ever took the time to see others before him? “MC Serch, Pete Nice, Beastie Boys, RA The Rugged Man, Everlast” even the likes of “Vanilla Ice” (Yes i said it) the list goes on an on. Even in 2019 We can accept Same Sex Marriage, Body Dysmorphia in the Trans community, Interracial Love, Different Cultures/Races coming together etc etc But have you realized STILL DO THIS DAY when i white says “I love hip hop music check out my work” society instant reflects to say “wannabe Eminem?”

Q: Which would you choose one, having an amazing live DJ or light/projection show?

A: Def 100% Live DJ – I love going to Hip-Hop Concerts where the DJ is just warming up for the main act and they are doing the old skool 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s scratching, riffing, blending the track. It always sends chills of happiness through my body like saying “Thats Hip Hop”

Q: On what digital outlets is your music available? (ie. youtube, spotify, soundcloud, amazon, bandcamp)

A: You can find EVERYTHING at my page (Please Support)

Q: What keeps you motivated and feeling creative? A: I wake up HIP HOP Go to sleep HIP HOP Dream about HIP HOP Because I am HIP HOP

Q: If you were a time traveler and able choose when to release your first album, what year would you choose and why?

A: I love timetravel theories/conspiracies i sometimes watch those vids on youtube and its a total mind f*** lol. Probs 90s or Early 00s. When Labels or even Music in general would know how to locate REAL talent and turn them into a STAR/ICON/LEGACY. Not this BS we have now “Oh they dropped a mumble track on Soundcloud/Instagram they must be a Star” to me that Bs is whats killing the industry. This whole “Hot or Not” mentality is not a good way to even invest in artists and keep the hip hop culture above float. Then i always get the argument “There are still good artists you have to just look for them”, yes but back in the 90s-00s you DIDNT have to look for them they were right there INFRONT of you pushing its TRUE form!

Q: Is there a difference between US Hip Hop and Australian Hip Hop?

A: I have realized that U.S artists are very humble they always want to network an connect with each other or whoever has a dream of being a rapper. Whether its in the United States or here in Australia or wherever it may be they always want to find ways of making this dream happen for them they are always open to NEW ideas (Whatever you bring to the table they will eat it up) and that’s what I love that’s why I have been given so many opportunities over there. Here in Australia we have SO MUCH LOVE for the Hip Hop culture its CRAZY! Rapping, Djing, Graffiti, Beatboxin, Break-Dancing or just general hip hop knowledge we want to eat it up! There is too much criticism here SPECIALLY with accents Like Hip Hop heads here say (Rap in ya normal talking voice…dont do this fake USA accent) most call it a “Wacksent”. Now there is two sides of the coin here… I can understand we want to put our Australian input on the map as natural as possible But im gonna be 100% real about this rapping in ya normal voice has no flow its bleh/plain (IT DOESNT SELL) to make ya music strike the ears of the listeners it has to be catchy n flow well so puttin some USA slang on it doesnt hurt like come on (didnt the art form originate from the states so why ya hatin for?)

Q: Choose one: free 12 month access to a professional recording studio or a booked 6 month world tour.

A: 6 Month WORLD TOUR hands down. New York…. I’ve always wanted to come and visit and just step foot infront of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue South Bronx to see/feel/breathe where/how this Hip Hop culture started to become so Universal. (NEXT UP) Miami. Maybe because Scarface is one of my fav movies haha even though majority of that film was shot in LA (Yes the Babylon Club is not real sadly sorry to disappoint with fans who didnt know that) (Lastly) Idk somewhere in Europe as I’ve heard the women over there are walking goddess

Q: When do you see yourself quitting the “rap game”?

A: Who knows?….But in all honesty if i do QUIT i’ll probs just mentor some up & coming artists The Hip Hop “Obi Wan Kenobi” lol Q: What goals have you set for 2019? A: I actually want to get back into the studio ASAP! My 2nd album (Understand Me) released in 2013 so its been 6yrs since ive released anything NEW ive kinda been slackin on music because i’ve been getting into alot of acting. I miss music sooo much specially the high/adrenaline of crafting new work so I’ve got a tone of work to do. At the moment I have a TONE of beats on my ipod most are other peoples instrumentals even from the likes of Greek Producer “Yanni” but when i sit back an listen to them i can hear them sounding like masterpieces so when the time comes ill figure out how to use them Also for my 3rd album i want to do a 2disk an pile as much music/craft out as possible. Thats all I can say at this point nothing more. Cant wait its gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster….2019 fans will def hear something once again from Mugzy 😉

Interviewed by Osker Yankee of #UUcrew on 1/13/19.

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