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January 20th, 2012

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Nobody hears from me much, but with all this shit going on with SOPA and PIPA and the feds shutting down Megaupload, I just had to mention this. I decided to check out the MPAA website today. I wanted to see if their site was still getting hit with a DoS attack like the Department of Justice (they are still down). Low and behold, the MPAA has this section called “Rogue Websites” talking about how “evil” they are and that they cannot allow these sites to continue to steal creative works with impunity. This is all fine and dandy to tout if you have clean hands yourself, but right on this very same page, the MPAA has stolen numerous images from Getty Images. Their in-house Photoshop master was so lazy that they didn’t even bother to edit out the watermarks. See for yourself here, or click the thumbnail image of my screenshot in case they edit their site:

Links to direct images hosted on their domain (at least they properly named them…) | Original | Original | Original | Original

Fucking hypocrites! You can all suck my dick! Get your shitty laws to pass so you can continue to overcharge people to see the same shitty movies, rewritten, with horrible coked and doped-up actors. Hardly anyone in the mainstream movie industry has any original ideas. You’re all rewriting the same bullshit and recreating movies with lame effects and doing the originals a great disservice. Crucify everyone else for stealing, but you’re okay to do it yourselves?

The Internet was once a place where anything could exist without question. If I wanted to learn how to make a bomb out of match sticks and a tennis ball, I had no problem connecting to this vast, uncharted land of text on a 14.4k modem in my parent’s basement. It is now being controlled by governments and corporations, who freely allow the existence of data mining sites like Google and Facebook, so they can market and try to sell you some bullshit you searched for 5 minutes ago, or track your every day thoughts and/or GPS coordinates to implicate you in crimes. The Internet is not something that was ever meant to be controlled or regulated. Hell, your idea of what the Internet is or has become may not even be reality. The Internet just allows us to share data with other computers world-wide. If you know anything about the OSI model or how the TCP/IP stack works, then you know that you can create your own internet, but it won’t be the Internet (notice I spell with a capital I. I had a professor who was pretty crazy about that). We do not need governments or corporations for our own internets to exist. The Internet will still be the Internet, but we can have our own, almost truly anonymous and untraceable internets. These would be internets that you could only join if you’re trusted. Secret networks for those who want them. These internets exist for the founding purpose of the Internet, and allow all information and content to exist without question or worry of some stupid law. I may be rambling, and you may think I am insane, but we need to be creating our own internets outside of the Internet. This will preserve what the Internet originally was and prevent us from being controlled by governments and corporations. Things like Tor, Darknet, Freenet, etc. already exist for this sole purpose, but we need something better on a larger scale. Think SIPRNet, but on an underground level.

Unless you are a nerd, you probably have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. It’s all good. Research some of the things I mentioned and know that what you may know as your every day freedoms are constantly at risk. The U.S. military is not fucking protecting them.

UPDATE 01/20/2012 @9:45PM EST:
After posting this elsewhere, some have asked me how can I be certain that the images are stolen. I am not 100% certain, but it is still illegal regardless of copyright infringement existing or not. If you are not familiar with Getty Images, they require you to purchase a license to use ANY images on their site. Cheapest forms of these licenses cost $10-20 for very small images like used on the MPAA site. The only way to get an image WITH a Getty Images watermark is to steal or copy it from their web site. This is against Getty Images’ own terms of use and is grounds for copyright infringement. The only way to get an image without their trademark is to purchase a license. Notice I say trademark. This is why it is most certainly 100% illegal. The images contain Getty Images’ trademark. One image shows it in full, and two others show it partially. All images were taken from Getty Images, even though some have the trademark cropped out. It is 100% illegal to use a company’s trademark without prior expressed written consent. Fuck the MPAA and all of their lobbyists. Try and protect your multi-billion (trillion?) dollar industry while you steal cheap copywritten images with trademarks. There is no excuse for being an ignorant, rich corporation. Pay up motherfuckers and eat a fat one!

UPDATE 02/01/2012 @2:54PM EST:
Well, it appears that I have succeeded in my actions, however the majority of the public will never know or see the hypocritical ways of the MPAA. After contacting Getty Images, discussing on the MPAA Wikipedia page, and probably reports submitted from our followers, the MPAA has actually purchased licenses for the images and replaced them. Congratulations you fucking thieves! I bet nobody made you pay either cause you’re the MPAA and you can do whatever you want while dictating what everyone else can’t do.


  1. Relik Relik says:

    Thanks for sharing FB people! People need to know that this industry does not truly care about copyright or trademark laws one iota. This is all about controlling our access to information and blaming their lack of sales, due to unoriginal ideas, on piracy.

  2. white says:

    you should really be a detective!!

  3. Fuckincredible. Loved the knowledge, way to throw it in those pig’s faces.

  4. Relik Relik says:

    Update: They finally bought licenses and replaced the images. This will remain as evidence.

  5. white says:

    Lets blackmail them!

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