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False Tropics – “What Remains” (Cassette)



Product Description

“What Remains” by False Tropics

Translucent purple cassette with two sided full color fold out artwork.

Includes unlimited streaming of “What Remains” by False Tropics

“Many of these recordings were created directly after the birth of my daughter. She only slept while I wore her in a baby wrap, and she required constant movement. That meant bouncing around the lab spinning records, finding loops, and tapping out beats at all hours of day and night. The rest of this music was lurking on smart cards and hard drives and was waiting to be released, hence the title “what remains.” -False Tropics

Released September 28, 2014

Album art by Philipp Zurmöhle
Homemade electronics on “Embellisher” and “The Sugars” by Electronic Chakra


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