“Singles and Wrinkles” 16 track LP album by Bobby FKN White dropping 3/21/16

Bobby FKN White

February 16th, 2016

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Rapper Bobby FKN White announced last week that he will be releasing a 16 track LP on Monday, March 21. The full length album is titled “Singles and Wrinkles” and is loaded with guest features from various UU members and even some artists who are not “Official Members” of the collective. The tracks within Singles and Wrinkles are a wide assortment of new tracks, old tracks, singles and even “b-sides” that never made it to any previous albums. Although the production on this album is primarily by Whokairs? there are a few beats made by new UU memebers, DLX and False Tropics. The release of Singles and Wrinkles will be followed up by an album release party [at One Stop Asheville NC] and the “Spring UP Tour” which will span across the South East USA. If you are interested in booking The Spring UP Tour please contact us here: [email protected]

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