UU Newsletter [003] 9/23/15

Bobby FKN White

September 24th, 2015

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— Underground Unheard Newsletter [003] 9/23/15 —

Hello Friends!!

Welcome to UU’s monthly newsletter!
We have filtered through our contacts and hand-picked several email addresses from bookers, promoters, club owners, DJs, MCs, bands and music lovers alike to be a part
of this newsletter. Through these emails, Underground Unheard will be sharing news,
show dates, releases and even sneak peaks to media that is currently unavailable to
the public.

///UU NEWS///

-Underground Unheard is currently looking to bring one more MC into the collective.
We are seeking a hardworking, open-minded and dedicated rapper to join the team. If
you are interested please contact us:
Be sure to include an “electronic press kit” with a bio and links.

-Using crowd-funding website Indiegogo, we have raised $500 in one month for a new
camera. Please contribute if you are down with the UU cause, any amount helps and
the perks are great. However, there is less than a week left to donate!

-Whokairs? has spearheaded a new weekly gathering for members and affiliates titled
“Weekly B-Sides @ The Safe House”. A brand new track will be produced from scratch,
in the span of 8 hours every Tuesday. Each “B-Side” will be released and uploaded to
YouTube the following day. Check out the “B-Sides” YouTube playlist here:

-We started an Instagram account 2 weeks ago and already have a lot of positive
feedback on our photos. If you are on this network, follow UU and let us know what you think!

///UU SHOWS///
-9/28/15 “Beats & Brews” w/ DJ Whistleblower @ One World Brewing-Asheville NC

-10/5/15 “Beats & Brews” w/ DJ Whistleblower @ One World Brewing-Asheville NC

-10/9/15 Ixnee, Vinnie the Creep, DJ Whistleblower, Warren Britt, Sketch the Cataclysm @ Timo’s House-Asheville NC

-10/15/15 Creep & Cheetah Show w/ Succubus Sorority @ Legends-Raleigh NC

-11/13/15 DLX, Bobby FKN White, Quanstar, Coach K, False Tropics @ Timo’sHouse-Asheville NC

Thanks for reading!! Love yall!

-Bobby [FKN] White aka Nature’s Apprentice
*Co founder of Underground Unheard
*MC of True Believers

For questions,comments and info:
For UU Booking/Feature inquires:

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