UU Music Vol. 4 is out now!!

Bobby FKN White

April 21st, 2019

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10 years after the first release, music collective/label Underground Unheard, drops its newest release – “Underground Unheard Music Vol. 4”. This compilation is a blend of the various styles of underground and independent Hip Hop/rap music and is comprised of #UUcrew members as well as honorary features. This 23 track release is a mix of previously released and unreleased material!

Underground Unheard Music Volume 4

1. “Blk Fri” [prod. false tropics]
2. “Dont Stop!” – Whokairs? feat. ECO [prod. Whokairs?]
3. “Good Daze” – Vic Goes Hard [prod. Duzk Beats]
4. “i’m A Giant” feat. Apostle A.P. and Supastition [prod. Planet Asia]
5. “Illustrated Banter” – Bobby FKN White feat. Relik [prod. DJ Dirty White]
6. “The Beginning of Wisdom” [prod. Manukaru]
7. “Deadly Venoms” – Levi Stress [prod. Prof. Logik]
8. “Black Money” – Quanstar [prod. Lexyne]
9. “Gotem Like” – Unik Stylez [prod. Duzk Beats]
10. “Keybored” – [prod. DLX]
11. “Beneath the Mask” – Vvitchboy
12. “You You” – Whokairs? feat. ECO, Bobby FKN White [prod. Whokairs?]
13. “Be” – Sean Shakespeare feat. Blueprint, Swamburger [prod. Swamburger]
14. “Epichness” – [prod. Relik]
15. “Code” – Seven da Pantha [prod. Rretro P]
16. Vvitchboy – Wish You Were Here [prod. Ill Fortune]
17. “Doctor Doctor” – Quanstar
18. “Mild Wings” – Levi Stress & Brother Tone [prod. Brother Tone]
19. “heat” – [prod. false tropics]
20. “Hold It & Move On” – Bobby FKN White, ManuKaru [prod. Whokairs?]
21. “One Spark” – Relik [prod. Relik]
22. “Unload the Eclipse” [prod. DLX]
23. Dedication by ECO [prod. Whokairs?]

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