— UU News Letter [001] 7/25/15 —

Bobby FKN White

July 31st, 2015

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— Underground Unheard Newsletter [001] 7/25/15 —

Hello Friends!! -Welcome to UU’s first monthly news letter!

We have filtered through our contacts and handpicked several emails from bookers,promoters,club owners,DJs,MCs,bands and music lovers alike to be a part of this newletter. Through these emails Underground Unheard will be sharing new information such as news,shows,releases and even sneak peaks to media that is currently unavailable to the public.


-Our good friends “Free The Optimus” won [Best Hip-Hop Group] in North Carolina last week, congrats guys!

-UU is currently battling Google and Youtube over the Underground Unheard Records Youtube account. Because we never attached a Gmail to our Youtube page we now have what they in the industry call a “Legacy Account”. This is a name/category to accounts created before the Google/Youtube merge in 2009. Currently they wont let us access our own page nor will they delete it. Youtube claims they cant delete it and that only the “creator” is able permanently remove/delete videos, yet we have all seen videos be removed by Youtube for multiple reasons. As of now the UU Youtube account is stuck in permanent limbo….existing but unable to be accessed by any parties.

-Asheville Drum n Bass Collective and the Timo’s House Crew are excited and getting ready to host DnB legend DJ Dara at Timo’s House July 31 for the second edition of the free concert series “Thank You Asheville”

-The “King No Crown Tour” needs your help!! Blueprint and his crew totaled their touring vehicle July 21. Luckily noone was hurt…except the van.

– As of July 2015, DJ Whistleblower’s weekly “Beats & Brews” is now every Monday instead of every Wednesday @ One World Brewing [10 Patton Ave Asheville NC]


-8/1/15 “Party Song” [single] by Sean Shakespeare X Bobby White feat. DJ Appaloosa [produced by EmE]

-8/1/15 “Allergy Song” [single] by Sean Shakespeare X Bobby White [produced by Whokairs?]

These two tracks are unreleased however you can download them via Bandcamp
Visit this site:
and enter the code: yg3r-5774


-7/27/15 “Beats & Brews” w/ DJ Whistleblower @ One World Brewing -ASheville NC

-7/29/15 Illa J,Moka Only,Bobby FKN White,sympL,Coach K @ IPA -Greenville SC

-7/31/15 DJ Dara,Brent Liminal,Gabe Real,Crux,McDubbin @ Timo’s House -Asheville NC

-9/5/15 DJ Appaloosa,Free Radio,Mixgician @ Odditorium -Asheville NC

Love yall!
Thanks for reading!!
-Bobby [FKN] White

*Co founder of Underground Unheard
*MC of True Believers
*General Manager of Timo’s House


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