UU’s 2016 Highlights [recap]

Bobby FKN White

January 5th, 2017

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2016 Underground Unheard RECAP

2016 was a great year for Underground Unheard. It was the first year of functioning after reformatting the internal structure to help benefit member expansion and production. 2016 brought new members, Quanstar and false tropics, as well as new material and shows from all members. Below is a bullet style list of accomplishments and highlights from Underground Unheard in 2016.

– Bobby FKN White released the 17 track LP “Singles & Wrinkles
– Whokiars? and Pragmaddix released the 5 track EP “A La Carte
– Quanstar released the EPs “Play Games 1 and 2
– Underground Unheard had a sound camp at the burn; “Transformus”
– DJ Whistleblower recorded “Lazy Sunday Mixes“, weekly for 2 months.
– Bobby FKN White, Quanstar w/ Coach K performed “Spring UP” tour.
– UU releases “10 years of Dopeness” [anniversary compilation]
– Quanstar is the first UU member to press vinyl [2 picture discs]
– Quanstar w/ Coach K performed the “Fall Down” Tour
– DJ Whistleblower and ECO form the collaboration project “ECOblower”
– ECO wins the “Primal” remix contest.
– Quanstar w/ Coach K performed the “A Rapper’s Words” Tour
– Quanstar is the first UU member to tour internationally [Ireland]

Thanks to all who supported and helped make 2016 a major success!

The collective is very excited for the new year and all the projects/shows we have in store for you!

-Underground Unheard (UU)

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