VVitchboy of Last WordBenders drops debut full length “111” – AVAILABLE NOW!

Bobby FKN White

January 11th, 2018

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“Its like Childish Gambino and Tyler the Creator fused with a Joss Whedon

Asheville NC, is known for its witchy, new age vibes- and in many cases
the culture influences the art- or is the other way around?? Vvitchboy is
1/2 of The Last WordBenders, as well as the artist collective Underground
Unheard. Their whole thing is evolution through integrating with the
quantum field- or something to that effect. Vvitchboy is absolutely
obsessed with hip hop, mysticism, and goth culture- and they have found a
way to blasphemously combine all three passions like some manner of
homunculus. Their debut album “111” dropped on 1/11/18 and is available
through online distributors (spotify, itunes, bandcamp, and Musicoin)

111 (2018)
Alic3- tba






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