“Weekly B-Sides @ The Safe House”

Bobby FKN White

October 19th, 2015

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What are “Weekly B-Sides @ The Safe House”?

“Weekly B-Sides @ The Safe House” is a reoccurring weekly gathering and production session by Official and Honorary Underground Unheard members. The sessions are held every Sunday and typically range from 5-8 hours in which the beats and raps are sampled, created, written, recorded and mixed. Then are typically uploaded to the Youtube series by the next day.

    During the B-Sides sessions the artists follow 5 basic principles:

1. No Perfectionism (spit it out, roll with it and OWN IT)
2. No Old Material (bring blank pages/notebook only)
3. No Freestyle Rapping (freestyles are welcome but will not be recorded)
4. BYOB/W (NO Drugs allowed)
5. No Revisiting (when its done its done)

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