Whokairs? releases “Dedicated to Deuce” [part 1 of 3] EP series

Bobby FKN White

September 7th, 2017

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After a year long hiatus Underground Unheard producer/rapper, Whokairs?, has emerged from the cave in which he has been dwelling in. He just so happens to bring with him new material that has been cooking up! “Dedicated to Deuce” is part 1 of 3 EPs Whokairs? will be releasing during the month of September. Below are the release dates for the EP series…

September 7: Part 1 “Dedicated to Deuce”

September Part 2 “Dedicated to Buddy”

September Part 3 “Dedicated to Father”

click here to download the newest album by Whokairs? titled: “Dedicated to Deuce”

or check out the album on sound cloud!


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