“Freestyle” by Vinnie The Creep
“Konks” by ManuKaru
“Stood Up” by Whokairs?
“First Impressions” by Quanstar
“Love” by Quanstar
“Gwan” by DLX
“Platform Hustle” by False Tropics
“No Alfredo” by Whokairs?
“Machine Guts” by DLX
“Moldfield” by ECO
“Lady Sybil and the Budget Automatic” by False Tropics
“Ghosts in A Shell” by Quanstar
“Scuba Tank” by Pragmaddix [prod. by Whokairs?] 2/17/16
“Something Yellow” by Whokairs? 9/22/15
“Party Song” by Bobby FKN White X Sean Shakespeare feat. DJ Appaloosa [prod. EmE] 7/28/15
“Allergy Song by Bobby FKN White X Sean Shakespeare [prod. Whokairs?] 7/28/15
“Five Point Star” by True Believers feat. Vast Aire [Cannibal Ox] [prod. Relik] 2/5/14


“Non-Violent Offender” by True Believers feat. Whokairs? [Whokairs? remix] 3/20/15


“Bird Watching” by True Believers 12/22/14
“Connect” by Whokairs? 9/11/13
“Me & He” by True Believers 7/8/11


Quanstar and LexZyne – Play Games Volume 2 08/12/16
“Circles” by False Tropics 10/24/15
“What Remains” by False Tropics 9/28/14
“Phantom Limbs” by False Tropics 5/7/13
“The Man” by True Believers 3/15/12
“Untitled” by False Tropics 7/1/11


“Lost Inna Jungle Vol. 1” feat. V/A [mixed by relik] 3/16/10
“Killing Time” [prod/mix by Relik] 8/1/09

Underground Unheard