ReBuilding Greenwood Tour w/ Quanstar

ReBuilding Greenwood Tour w/ Quanstar

  • Location:Bennington VT.
  • Venue:Harvest Brewing


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Quanstar is considered one of Hip Hop’s true Renaissance Artists. The
Atlanta based emcee has taken the independent hip hop world by storm using
passion, innovation, and ‘plain ole’ hard work to stretch the envelope and
showcase his multitude of talents and interests.

Born in Compton, Ca, Quanstar attributes his earliest exposure to hip hop
culture to his cousin. It was through him that Quanstar found out about
artists like Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang, The Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow.
After that Beat Street, Breakin', and Wild Styles took over; however, the
one single moment that made him a bona fide “hip hop head” was seeing LL
Cool J perform “Radio” in the movie, Krush Groove. At that point he got
it, and knew that's what he wanted to be.

In the years following, whether it was showing off his fancy footwork on
cardboard, rhymin on the street corner about cars driving by, or taggin up
his notebook in class when he should be listening to the teacher, Quanstar
was completely immersed in hip hop culture. By the time he was 16, he was
known as the fiercest freestyler in his neighborhood, and winning
competitions all over the Los Angeles area.

Inspired by artists, like Ice Cube, Jay-Z, El-P, and Hieroglyphics
starting companies and taking ownership of their careers because of the
lack of fiscal and creative control that the record labels were allowing
artists to have, Quanstar along with Evaready RAW formed First Team Music
Management. Through FTM, they’re only objective has been, “If we think it,
then we’ll do it”.

Since, Quanstar has released over 10 albums, starred and executive
produced a documentary (Do It!: A Documentary), and toured
internationally; in addition to these, he’s written a book (Water From
Turnips), writes a blog on being an independent musician (Indie Hip Hop
101), does a cooking show with his 8 and 4 year old sons (Cooking With
Quanstar), and develops Android Applications.
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