Nature’s Apprentice drops debut single “Reflector is Connector” OUT NOW!!

Bobby FKN White aka "Nature's Apprentice"

April 14th, 2022

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The first single by Nature’s Apprentice (aka Bobby FKN White) is out now and available for a FREE DOWNLOAD

Or click below on the direct link to download for FREE from the Nature’s Apprentice Homepage:

“Reflector is Connector” – Nature’s Apprentice (mp3 audio track)


“Reflector is Connector” is the first single from the upcoming album by conscious rapper, Nature’s Apprentice. This track is produced by EME and features Namid Wolf with album art painted by Bobby FKN White. The upcoming album is titled “The Epic of Nature’s Apprentice F1:EME” and is set to be released in fall 2022. Currently this track is available to stream on all platforms.

You can support Nature’s Apprentice directly by visiting the shop by clicking here:






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