“Reflector is Connector” by Nature’s Apprentice Official Music Video Release!

Bobby FKN White aka "Nature's Apprentice"

November 18th, 2022

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First single off the upcoming album ” F1:EME ” by Nature’s Apprentice.
“Reflector is Connector” audio track is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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Deeper then the sense of reflection
I’m pressed in a state of perfection
That has me second guessing
Too deep to retreat or repeat or fall back
And to where exact is that
No back tracks
Only fast tracks with the life hack
“NAT.APP” coded to lash back
Embedded within the medicine
Forever steady getting it
True to the heart
Word, That is is fact
Everyones a winner
When everyones a thinker
Why even test her
Some do go figure
Nevermind a hater
Always is a taker
Respect the source
When Nature is Maker
My depth of might
Might excite the life
Programmed by Man
To only do right
Understand Man aint always right
Comprehend and then
Step into my light

On our way within we stumble
We stumble forward into the darkness
Navigating towards what appears to be the end
To what appears to be the other side
Is only dimmed by a reflection
That reflection is of self
We are them
We are always reflecting
Reflecting ALL
Reflecting all over
For ALL is connected
For ALL is connected
For ALL is….

Deeper then the mantle of Mother
A star crossed Lover
Undercover as another other
Trying to steal the thunder
From the clouds take cover
A perfect storm on the horizon
While the guys are in disgust again
Now my mind is in the skies again
Center of the darkness
Of the carnage I harness
Ten times harder then the tortoise carcass
Five times faster then the average smartest
Its a bright glow
An EME light show
Following shadows of the average night folk
Beyond the depths of a savage phsyco
On the fence with a maverick mind though
So far gone and so far beyond
Lies a space in space thats hard on time
Its dark inside and its hard to find
Eternal burn forever shine

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