DJ Whistleblower, Doctor Hawthorne & guests 5/28/24 @ “Smart Donkey” – Portland, OR.

Bobby FKN White aka "Nature's Apprentice"

May 18th, 2024

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🌮 Get ready to spice up your Tuesday nights at “Smart Donkey” with a sizzling soirée of beats and bites!

Join us for “Taco Tuesday,” where the #UUcrew legend, DJ Whistleblower will take over the stage as the special guest! Prepare for an unforgettable sonic journey as DJ Whistleblower unveils his newest unreleased original beats, blending the vibrant rhythms of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, and Future Bass music. Sharing the spotlight is the incomparable “Doctor Hawthorne”, serving up a fusion of Reggae, Dub, and Old School Dubstep to keep the vibes flowing. This all-ages extravaganza kicks off at 6 PM and promises to be a fiesta for the senses – and best of all, it’s FREE fam!

Brace yourself for a night of bass heavy tunes and mouthwatering tacos that might just stretch past 9 PM if the crowd demands more!

See you there!!! 🎶🌮



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